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BoKlok Buddies Johanna and Kate.
BoKlok Buddies Johanna and Kate.

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BoKlok Buddy – a hands-on way to be better together

Do you have friends at work? Research shows that 57 percent are happier, and 22 percent are more productive if they do. The new development program BoKlok Buddy helps peers get together to elevate both practice and culture, as well as identify future leaders.

In today’s changing market, knowledge sharing across borders is more essential than ever. It is a great way of sharing best practices as well as building a common culture in an international organisation such as BoKlok, which operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the UK. Building relationships at work also means you are less likely to leave a company.

- BoKlok Buddy is a way to support our high potentials in building relationships across BoKlok, and to speed up the personal and professional development. The intention is to inspire each other, share challenges and solutions. In essence, to be better together, says Henrik Johnsson, EVP BoKlok Finland, Norway, and UK.

The first two BoKlok Buddies are Kate Potter, Commercial Manager BoKlok UK and Johanna Ruul, Senior Project Manager, BoKlok Sweden.

- To discuss with someone who has a similar role, makes you question what you do and how you do it. And to see things being done in another, or slightly better way, helps you become more innovative, says Kate.

- It's a way to build an inclusive culture, and transparency, between the countries. Also, it is a good feeling to be able to speak about your tasks and work situation, with someone who is not involved in the project and who can give advice without judgment, adds Johanna.

The program is a great way to learn from a colleague at a similar level in a less intimidating way, speeding up the learning process and helping to drive change.

- We want to support our coming stars in building good companionships and, in a hands-on way, promote knowledge sharing. This is also a way to identify our future BoKlok leaders, says Niclas Bagler, EVP and Country Manager BoKlok Sweden.

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