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How BoKlok is working to #InvestInThePlanet

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How BoKlok is working to #InvestInThePlanet

Today is Earth Day where the world highlights what is being done to address climate issues. Construction currently accounts for about 40% of the world's total CO2 emissions. To reverse this trend, BoKlok believes that the construction industry needs to transition to a more sustainable approach with new innovative construction methods, and materials with low carbon and environmental footprint.

- We are committed to becoming net zero carbon, climate neutral, by 2030 throughout the BoKlok value chain, all the way from the trees in the forest to delivering our finished homes. Furthermore, we aim to make a more sustainable lifestyle available to our homeowners, says Jenny Adholm, Head of Sustainability for BoKlok.

As part of BoKlok efforts to transition to sustainable solutions, BoKlok Grönhult in Malmö, Sweden is being developed. On the surface, it is a BoKlok scheme like many others, but it will be an exciting pilot project where several new innovative solutions will be tested and evaluated in practice. You could call it a BoKlok full-scale test lab in sustainable living.

BoKlok will test different systems in solar energy, wind energy and battery storage. The aim is to make the homes as self-sufficient as possible, by generating their own electricity. The ambition is also to radically reduce water consumption (by between 60% and 80%), by using smart technology - all without impacting the lifestyles of the residents.

The lessons learned from BoKlok Grönhult will then be translated into future BoKlok homes, delivering on our brand promise: sustainable homes for the many people.

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