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Five highlights for BoKlok Sweden from 2021

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Five highlights for BoKlok Sweden from 2021

When BoKlok Sweden looks back on 2021, it has been both an exciting and challenging year. In the midst of a pandemic, major investments and digitalisation have been managed with the help of fantastic employees, to ensure that BoKlok continues to develop the green vision for the future, while the legacy of Skanska and IKEA lives on.

BoKlok Sweden's country manager Niclas Bagler sums up this year's five major highlights:

1. The green journey for BoKlok continues successfully with the recruitment of new, experienced employees in the field, while at the same time large investments are made in a green pilot project with innovative solutions - BoKlok Grönhult in Malmö. The goal for BoKlok is climate neutrality by 2030, throughout the value chain.

2. In order to better meet customers' needs and truly offer an updated, cohesive experience of BoKlok, several changes were made in 2021. A new website with increased user-friendliness was launched, a new customer management system with increased opportunities to meet each customer's needs was developed, and the BoKlok digitalised sales launch was further developed during the year - to create opportunities for customers to participate in a fair sales process, without the need to be in the room physically.

3. In 2021, a large proportion of building rights have been created and BoKlok is planning for several projects in 2022, with a plan to build over 1000 new sustainable homes, for the many people.

4. BoKlok is a proud partner of the city fair H22 City Expo in Helsingborg, which will take place in the summer of 2022. During 2021, work has been done on next year’s launch of the BoKlok housing concept for seniors, SilviaBo, with the first full-scale SilviaBo project, as well as development of three residential communities in the renewal project DrottningH in the district Drottninghög,

5. Proud employees create satisfied customers, something we at BoKlok have known for a while. This year has again been a testament to that, with continued positive co-workers who have kept their spirits up during a very special time with restrictions. In 2021, BoKlok employees have worked either from home offices or on construction sites with firm restrictions. Regardless, the commitment has been top notch, to continue our work so that more people can live in a safe, high quality and sustainable home.

BoKlok is a company with strong growth, and a solid foundation to stand on for the coming years. Thank you to all the fantastic employees who made 2021 such a rewarding year.

With a strong result from 2021, we wish you all happy holidays - see you again in 2022!

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