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BoKlok Sweden has the most satisfied customers – for the fourth time in six years

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BoKlok Sweden has the most satisfied customers – for the fourth time in six years

Once again, BoKlok Sweden has the great honour to receive first prize for “Sweden’s most satisfied customers” in a yearly survey in the industry of housing developers. It is the fourth time in six years BoKlok reaches first position. This year the award is shared with companies Besqab and PEAB.

Behind this first position lies a clear focus on the customer’s experience of the buying process, the long-term and methodical work methods of BoKlok and a strong commitment among all employees within BoKlok.

The award is received for the year 2021 and is based on a CSI value of 79 (customer satisfaction index), which is the same as previous year, and can be compared to the industry average of 75 (2021). The measurement is conducted by the Swedish company Prognoscentret and is done at the time of customers moving in. It gives insights to the overall experience of BoKlok, housing quality and how satisfied customers are with their purchase.

-We are humble and proud as we now, for the fourth time, receive the first prize. To us this is a confirmation that we’re doing things right and manage to create affordable homes without compromising on quality and sustainability. And this is made possible thanks to all my committed co-workers in BoKlok Sweden. Now we proceed with our continuous improvements so that we can keep on being the best in the industry, says Emelie Ekelund, Sales and Marketing Manager, BoKlok Sweden.

In addition to winning first prize for most satisfied customers, BoKlok also has two communities on the top ten-list of “project with most satisfied customers” in Sweden: BoKlok Sälgen in Strömstad ends up in fourth place with a CSI of 87, and BoKlok Fältsippan in Vagnhärad on seventh place with a CSI of 86.

Previously, BoKlok Sweden has received first prize in 2017, 2018 and 2020. In 2019 BoKlok ended up in second place and won the category “project with most satisfied customers”. In 2016 BoKlok came in third place.

More information about CSI

Swedish Prognoscentret conducting the CSI survey is an independent market analysis company. More than 85 percent of all newly developed tenant-owner homes in Sweden are included in the survey and the prize is awarded yearly. The survey is done in participation with the industry collaborators and is based on about 13 000 responses from the buyers of newly developed housing and single-family homes during 2021 and includes about 65 companies.

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BoKlok is a home ownership concept from Sweden, owned by Skanska and IKEA. We are a developer of residential communities with more than 20 years’ experience and so far we have developed about 13,000 homes in Sweden, Finland, Norway and England.


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