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Portrait of Christian N. Madsen and Tove Borchgrevink.
Portrait of Christian N. Madsen and Tove Borchgrevink.

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Architectural ambitions in balance with BoKlok industrial production

BoKlok Norway is back on the market with newly developed products and major projects. All new projects coming up in 2022 will be defined by 99 m² terraced houses. Together with LPO architects, product development has been taken to a higher level with a focus on flexibility, architectural quality and sustainability.

Tove Borchgrevink, Country Manager in Norway talks about an important collaboration with the LPO architects* in the product development.

- BoKlok is a different housing concept. We are committed to sustainable development and our goal is for the many people to realize their dream of owning their own home. We will be climate neutral in 2030 and that is reflected in everything we do. With the new terraced houses, we are well on our way. LPO shows drive and understanding of how important sustainability is for BoKlok, and we are very proud of what we together with LPO have achieved with the development of new products, says Borchgrevink.

Christian N. Madsen, general manager of LPO confirms the good cooperation:

- We believe that the best ideas and results come to life when we collaborate across specialties and subjects, and in close collaboration with our clients. Together with BoKlok, we have developed rational housing modules where both flexibility, architectural quality and sustainability have been taken care of.

What is unique about the products in BoKlok?

- LPO has contributed to further developing and renewing BoKlok basic modules so that they can easily be adapted to different landscape formations, such as for example sloping terrain. With sustainable materials, solid constructions and flexible floor plans, the homes must be designed so that they can withstand a long-life cycle and be attractive to residents in different phases of life. The new modules we have developed have a variety of roof shapes, use of color and detailing of the facades so that each individual home expresses itself with attractive uniqueness, at the same time as it can relate to a common area identity. The key is to safeguard these architectural ambitions in balance with BoKlok industrialized production, so that the homes' construction costs are kept low, and thus become available to a broad group of buyers, says Madsen.

What kind of actions are being taken for more sustainable housing?

- LPO aims to design buildings that stand the test of time, which are as relevant today as in 50 years. To achieve this, form, expression, and choice of materials combined with rational production and transport methods are important. In addition, good floor plans and sustainable products that take care of the climate and environment are essential to get a proper CO2-balancing, says Madsen.

The first projects with new terraced houses is BoKlok Åsmoen at Jessheim, and BoKlok Engelsrudhagen at Nannestad whit sale start in the autumn. At Åsmoen you will live in an idyllic area with Jessheim Center right nearby with a large selection of shops, restaurants and varied cultural experiences. In the charming Engelsrudhagen you live in quiet surroundings with a wealth of outdoor opportunities all year round.

Tove Borchgrevink concludes:

- It will be very exciting to put the first new products on the market. I am proud of the job of product development in BoKlok and the collaboration with LPO.

*LPO architects was established in 1983 by Lars Haukeland, Pål Henry Engh and Ola Aasness, after having won 1stprize in the International Architectural Competition for the design of Greenland-Vaterland. Today, they are one of the country's leading architectural offices with locations in Oslo, Lillehammer, Longyearbyen, and Sweden. 

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BoKlok is a home ownership concept from Sweden, owned by Skanska and IKEA. We are a developer of residential communities with more than 20 years’ experience and so far we have developed about 13,000 homes in Sweden, Finland, Norway and England.


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