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Tove Borchgrevink, Country Manager at BoKlok Norway.
Tove Borchgrevink, Country Manager at BoKlok Norway.

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Women in a valuable industry

Tove Borchgrevink, Country Manager at BoKlok Norway has worked with commercial development and strategy throughout her career. Now she hopes that she can be a role model and open the door for other women who are looking to build a career in the real estate industry.

Tove Borchgrevink can tell that the industry has changed a lot for women. And the same can be said for culture. We have come a long way in laying a foundation for women in various roles and areas but women having leadership positions seems to be more challenging.

What made you choose real estate?

- It was a bit coincidental. I came from the IT industry in the early 2000s. Culturally, the transition to construction was huge, but I quickly experienced an industry that was very valuable to society. An industry that is constantly evolving and above all – has many very skilled and welcoming colleagues and leaders. My interest and fascination for the industry has since grown enormously, says Borchgrevink.

For the past five years, Borchgrevink has been part of the Skanska Group, first as Development Manager within Skanska’s Property Development and now in BoKlok as Country Manager in Norway. Previously Tove has also held positions as Marketing and Communications Manager, and she has gone through education in Strategic Management.

- It has been challenging to get where I am today. As a woman, I have experienced having to prove my worth. But only to provoke me in a positive direction and give me motivation to work even harder.

What do you think it takes for more women to succeed in the industry?

- I think we need to become better at sharing the good stories. We must also dare to take our place and create our positions in organizations and the industry. We need to help and cheer each other on.

As a leader, Borchgrevink hopes that she is perceived as an inclusive, generous, and direct leader. She herself has good experience from being seen by her leaders and believes this is important to create great and high performing teams.

- I was acknowledged and allowed to show my strengths. I got the opportunity for further education and more responsibility. I want to bring that with me and make sure that I also acknowledge my employees and do what is in my power to lift them upwards and onwards, says Borchgrevink.

In conclusion, she adds that this is one of the many reasons why she works at BoKlok.

- In BoKlok I get the opportunity to make a difference. I am proud to work in a company that creates value for so many people. Not only for the residential customers but also for the employees. We invest in the development of the employees and have fun at work.

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