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Cecilia Hamberg, SVP HR & Communication BoKlok and Anna Säfwenberg, EVP Factory & Chief Operation Officer BoKlok
Cecilia Hamberg, SVP HR & Communication BoKlok and Anna Säfwenberg, EVP Factory & Chief Operation Officer BoKlok

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Cecilia Hamberg and Anna Säfwenberg in new roles in BoKlok Leadership Team

BoKlok welcomes Cecilia Hamberg as SVP HR & Communication and Anna Säfwenberg as EVP Factory & Chief Operation Officer.

The changes in the leadership team reflects the current restructuring of BoKlok, aimed at strengthening the company’s ability to conduct a more profitable and predictable business.

This restructuring means that Market & Communications and Human Resources are merged and reports to Cecilia Hamberg. Cecilia started her position 1 May 2023, and joins BoKlok Leadership Team. She thus leaves her previous position as Head of Human Resources at Skanska Group.

- BoKlok’s offering and customer focus has always appealed to me, and therefore I have kept my eye on BoKlok. Being part of structuring a new BoKlok, with the right competencies in place, in a new organisation, is something I am looking forward to, says Cecilia Hamberg, SVP HR & Communication.

Furthermore, the responsibility for sustainability and innovation is now included in Anna Säfwenberg’s role, who is responsible for factory and supply chain. Anna is already a member of BoKlok Leadership Team and started her new role as EVP Factory & Chief Operation Officer 1 May 2023.

- I’m excited to take on the role as responsible for sustainability and innovation as well; two fundamental parts for being in the forefront when it comes to industrialised construction in wood, with a low carbon footprint as well as an efficient project execution. All of which is the key to a profitable business, says Anna Säfwenberg, EVP Factory & COO.

-I welcome both Cecilia and Anna in their new roles. Their added competencies are key to the already started turnaround of BoKlok, which I together with my new leadership team and all employees look forward to bringing into the future, says Lars Jonson, Business Unit President BoKlok.

Cecilia Hamberg succeeds Charlotta Herte and Aija Harju. Anna Säfwenberg succeeds Sara Erman regarding responsibility for sustainability and innovation. Charlotta, Aija and Sara leaves BoKlok.

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BoKlok is a home ownership concept from Sweden, owned by Skanska and IKEA. We are a developer of residential communities with more than 20 years’ experience and so far we have developed about 13,000 homes in Sweden, Finland, Norway and England.


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